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Top 9 Option of Best E Wallet In Malaysia You Should Know

As technology advances rapidly, traditional cash transactions are being replaced by e wallet , offering greater convenience and enhanced security.

The widespread acceptance of e wallet malaysia since 2020 has played a pivotal role in the country's transition towards cashless society and contactless payments society.

This shift allows individuals to go cashless in various establishments across Malaysia, ranging from restaurants and shopping malls to public transportation and over-the-counter services.

This guide aims to narrow down the popular e-wallet options in Malaysia, providing you with all the necessary information to embark on your cashless transaction seamlessly.

1. Touch ‘n Go

The Touch 'n Go e-wallet has gained immense popularity in Malaysia and is widely accepted by users to make payments nationwide. Additionally, Touch 'n Go offers a range of features, including bill pay and mobile phone top-ups.

Notably, the convenience of Touch 'n Go extends beyond Malaysia, as it is also available in foreign countries like Singapore.

Here, we outline the advantages of using the Touch 'n Go eWallet:

  • Make payments, send money to others and pay for your transportation easily
  • No Touch ‘n Go fees
  • DuitNow transfers available in MYR

The Touch 'n Go E-Wallet can store a balance in MYR, facilitating payments in parking, toll, and in-store transactions by scanning a QR code, and provides various features such as bill payments and mobile top-ups.

2. Grab Pay

Grab Pay stands out as a popular e-wallet in Malaysia, developed by the popular app Grab. Grab is a multifunctional app in Malaysia that offers diverse services, including food delivery, grocery delivery, and more.

The GrabPay e-wallet seamlessly integrates with these services, providing users with easy access.

All you need to do is top up your wallet or add a card, enabling you to use Grab for both in-person and online transactions.

This includes payments for topping up your phone, ordering food, purchasing groceries, and more.

Now, let's delve into the advantages of using Grab:

  • Offering an all-in-one service allows users to settle bills conveniently by using a QR code. From ordering food and buying groceries to calling a taxi, all transactions can be conducted and paid for through GrabPay.
  • Users also have the opportunity to redeem grabrewards points or earn cashback by utilizing their GrabPay wallet,
  • Grabrewards points can be transferred for food promotions or grocery promotions
  • Available across most Southern Asian countries, such as Vietnam and Singapore.

Grab Pay offers customers quick, convenient mobile payments for everything from rides to food to in-store transactions.

3. MAE by Maybank2u

MAE is an e-wallet offered by Maybank2u online and mobile banking systems. Maybank customers can download MAE to access a neat e-wallet to use for day-to-day expenses.

MAE also provide a broad range of services, such as paying bills by scanning QR codes, online shopping, and checking your Maybank bank account details and receiving payments.

Here we come to the Pros of using Maybank features:

  • Conveniently send and receive payments, make in-store bills by scanning QR codes, and link your credit card to purchases
  • Access budgeting and saving features to manage your finances effectively.
  • MAE provides access to over 500,000 merchants nationwide, including popular establishments like AEON, TGV Cinemas, Petronas stations and others, etc.

Due to the MAE multifunctional feature, MAE allows user to make cashless payment while at the same time can helping user to manage their finances effectively.

4. WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay, officially known as Weixin Pay in China, is a mobile payment and digital wallet service provided by WeChat. It enables users to conduct mobile payments like paying insurance fee or online transactions.

WeChat also exceptionally popular e-wallet in malaysia , and its associated WeChat Pay e wallet offers users options for making simple payments.

Here are the advantages of using WeChat Payments:

  • Send payments and gifts to other WeChat users directly within a chat.
  • Make in-store payments by scan a QR code.
  • Top up your phone or pay bills directly from your wallet.

WeChat Pay app enables Malaysian users to link their credit cards and send money to someone directly within a chat by scanning a QR code through their e-wallet.

5. Wise

Wise is a multi-currency e-wallet that lets users exchange currencies, spend in 170+ countries, send payments to 80+ countries, and get paid fee-free from 30+ countries.

Wise facilitates transactions in over 40 currencies at the mid-market exchange rate, benefits users to top up their E-wallets with MYR and spend in the country's currency without concerns about high exchange rates.

Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface for efficient management of money and transactions.

Here we come to the features of Wise:

  • Carry the Wise card wherever you go, top up with MYR, and spend in any country that accepts Visa cards at the mid-market exchange rate.
  • Send payments to over 80 countries at the mid-market rate, with fees starting from 0.43%.

Wise might be a great partner to help you travel around the world or shop online internationally due to its multinational function. This allows the user to simply top up their MYR in their Wise Card and make payments in other countries' currencies.

6. Boost

Boost is a prepaid e-wallet app you can top up in advance in MYR, for easy spending in Malaysia.

Boost feature's also allow user making transactions easier, faster, more secure & overall a more rewarding experience for consumers.

Here is the feature of Boost app:

  • Supporting QR code payment in physical store and online shop
  • Pay bills and set up automatic account top ups so you never run out of money
  • Offer a variety of service such as paying utility bills or insurance fee , mobile top-ups, and transportation booking.

Boost provides Malaysians convenient way to spend , send, request, and store money directly on their smartphones.

It goes beyond being just a mobile digital application, pushing the boundaries to offer a more comprehensive solution.

7. GoPayz

Image Source : Voi

Go Payz, a digital wallet app, introduces innovative financial services available in both virtual and physical card formats. Users can opt for a Visa, Mastercard, or UnionPay physical card with Go Payz.

Go Payz offers support for insurance, investment, and currency exchange, all conveniently accessible within a single platform.

Here is we come to the Go Payz Features

  • Do remittance and currency exchange services on Go Payz, allowing you to purchase foreign currency or remit them at any time, anywhere.
  • Offer services such as transfer funds (peer-to-peer), purchase mobile prepaid top ups, pay for utilities and phone bills.
  • Supporting QR payments in physical store and online shop
  • Able to order foreign currency in cash to be delivered to your home,

Acquire a GoPayz wallet that facilitates seamless QR payments and provides virtual cards for online and mobile shopping.

8. Ali Pay

As China’s most popular ewallet, AliPay has introduced in Malaysia for years .

Moreover, AliPay is a giant in payments - now AliPay Malaysia¹⁴ customers can use the service to send money to others, shop online or in shop and buy insurance premium as well.

Let us explore what features Ali Pay Malaysia has?

  • Scan a QR to pay in person, plus online shopping with select retailers
  • Send payments in MYR from your bank card through Alipay

However, using Ali Pay may have some limitation such as you have to have a Chinese bank account and ID for transfer money to overseas or making overseas payments.

9. BigPay

Image Source : Big Pay

BigPay⁸ is an e wallets in malaysia for local and international payments, featuring financial managing tools to help you spend your money wisely

Here we comes to the features of BigPay

  • Send local transfers and make international transfers to specified countries.
  • Obtain a BigPay card for convenient in-person, online, and mobile spending.
  • Accumulate AirAsia points as you make purchases

BigPay is an e-wallet with an associated card that you can use both in Malaysia and internationally. You can add money in your account in MYR, allowing you to benefit from competitive exchange rates when traveling abroad.


Selecting the most appropriate e-wallet in Malaysia, consider your needs and preferences, such as the services, transactions, security, fees, and charges. Compare e-wallet options like Boost, GrabPay, Touch 'n Go eWallet, and others to find the one that matches your financial goals.

By assessing the benefits and drawbacks of each e-wallet and weighing them against your requirements, you can make an informed choice that meets your financial needs and objectives.

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