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Want to Hit the RM500k Mark in Your EPF Savings by Age 60? Here’s Your Guide to It!
Everyone wants to live comfortably when they retire. That is why EPF contribution is so important especially nowadays where inflation is increasing more and more as the years go by. Thankfully, we have a savings system where all workers from the government and private sectors will be obliged to deduct 9% of their monthly salary…
Know the Difference: Residential vs Commercial Titles. Understand with Just 3 Easy Points!
Some of the contents of this article were contributed by Chloe from VC Estate. Have you ever encountered an article discussing "Residential and Commercial Titles" and found yourself pondering its meaning? I know, I've been in that situation too. However, now I can finally share to you how these two differentiate between one another and…
high paid jobs
7 Highest-Paying Jobs in Malaysia in 2024: The Third Job is Popular Among Youths!
Version: CN I bet you always talked to your friends about how you want to get rich together and be in high-paid job positions. I believe many SPM graduates fret over college majors and future income prospects in today's fast-evolving job landscape, especially with the rise of technology and AI. However, Malaysia's job market still…
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