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Juwai IQI Newsletter – Real Estate Market – May 2024
According to global real estate consultancy JLL, the Asia Pacific region was the sole global area to experience an increase in commercial real estate investment in the first quarter of 2024, with investments hitting $30.5 billion.  This represents a 13% rise year-over-year and is the second consecutive quarterly increase after a seven-quarter slump. What else…
居外 IQI 月讯–房地产市场–2024 年 1 月
随着各国央行降息,并开始量化宽松,全球经济将经历颠簸。 在许多经济发达但存在财务脆弱性和较低增长率的国家,通货膨胀预计将保持较高水平。 高利率已结束。 然而,全球经济在2024年仍将保持脆弱。 你在 2023 年12 月错过了什么? JUWAI IQI - January Newsletter 2024 - Simplified ChineseDownload JUWAI IQI - January Newsletter 2024 - Traditional ChineseDownload
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