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What Next

What Next is a concise monthly newsletter by IQI Global that aims at keeping readers informed on the current and upcoming developments in the global market with it's key focus on the real estate industry across multiple regions.

What Next: May 2018 In the May 2018 edition of What Next we take a look at global governments' monetary policies as well as the affect of oil on the low cost airline industry.
Malaysia Background
IQI Moments Background
We see a strong growth in Australian residential prices along with a steady increase in employment growth. Dubai’s residential market reaches stabilization after a long period of weak market performance while it’s retail sector continues to grow rapidly.

On the other hand, we see how Purpose-built offices are all the rage throughout the Malaysian region. Philippines continues to be one of the strongest players in the property market game as we see rapid and continuous growth in residential, office and retail sectors predominantly in Makati. Last but not least, office and retail markets in Vietnam remain at a constant pace while the residential markets continue to soar.
What Next: April 2018 In this issue, we look into where Malaysia’s GDP is going as well as how the value of the Ringgit is affecting inflation and vice versa. 
Philippines Background
IQI Moments Background
China and Russia have begun their oil transaction in Yuan and Yuan has come to the currency market limelight. Right now China’s GDP remains stable. On the other hand, the Yen has been building strength which could prove unfavourable for the stock markets. Investors need to be careful in the equity market.

In real estate, Australian residential properties in Sydney have begun to slip. In Melbourne, the education sector has been driving high demand.  Canada’s real estate market remains stable in the residential sectors and is booming in the office and retail sector. Malaysia’s outlook remains positive; Malaysian economy continues to experience sustained growth.  Philippines is seeing many new projects coming up this year. Finally, Vietnamese government agencies are expected to work more closely with credit institutions and developers in attracting home buyers.
What Next: March 2018 In this issue, we take a look at the impact of oil price as well as the effect of the plunge in the DJIA early in the quarter.
Australia Background
In this issue, we take a look at the impact of oil prices as well as the effect of the plunge in the DJIA early in the quarter. The US economy is still in the sub-par growth leading to many question marks for global investors as the political uncertainty is causing a huge drag on the economy. On another note, Uncertain policies of the global central banks has made gold favourable for sophisticated investors.

In real estate, Australian markets show that rent levels and growth varies substantially by capital city, depending on the balance of supply and demand. Malaysia on the other hand could see a positive demand for office space in established and upcoming decentralised locations along the rail transportation routes due to emergence of the second MRT line. Vietnam has also become one of the most attractive destinations for retailers in South East Asia. Likewise, Ho Chi Minh City’s economic importance and status as retail hub continues to attract a strong development pipeline.